Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Simply register as a member with us, use our easy to use dashboard to forward your uniform request, wait 24 hours, then choose the best deal from the top ten bids presented to you and save money! Simple as that!

Knowing that you, as a buyer, often have a deadline you are working under to receive your uniforms, UniformBid requires our vendors to submit their bids to you within 24 hours.

After you choose the best bid for your uniform buying needs, you will submit payment to UniformBid and we will hold your payment to the vendor in escrow until you have received your order and confirm your satisfaction. The vendor will be alerted at that point and will then message you through your UniformBid account to review any further details of the order with you.

Once the order is in progress, a member deals directly with the vendor on questions pertaining to the order. However, UniformBid has taken steps to ensure your payment is securely held until you have received, and are satisfied, with your order. UniformBid holds your payment to the vendor in escrow until you confirm that payment should be released. Our platform provides our members the assurance that your satisfaction is our top priority.

No. Our members are not charged any membership fees. UniformBid only makes money when a member buys from a vendor. This is done through a small transaction fee at time of purchase.

Vendors may only contact members once an order is confirmed. Please contact us should this take place so we may discuss with the vendor their need to contact you outside of UniformBid.

Only once the vendor is confirmed as the vendor you have chosen to provide service to you. Outside of this, no. We are pleased to help you save time, effort and money on your uniform shopping experience. The unique nature of our service allows us to provide you, as a member, the opportunity to experience this with ease. If members contact vendors directly, you would no longer have the competitive nature of the bidding process of hundreds of vendors available to you that provides the ease and financial savings you are searching for.

UniformBid is working on a provision to allow our members to do this, while still maintaining the full savings advantage of our service. We hope to release this format to our members soon.